Turning Presenters Into Performers; 

Because Audiences Deserve It!

So, you have something to say:
about Life, about Leadership, about Love...
Great! But so do thousands of others.
To be a successful public speaker you need to distinguish yourself. Easier said than done.  And, is there really anything new under the sun?
Paul Kreiter doesn't have a magic potion to transform you from toad to Prince.  But he will help you reimagine your role as "speaker;" from routine presenter to Artisan Storytelling Hero! 

Creative Direction

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And all without the huge cost and

time-draining courses of consulting agencies.

Stop wasting audiences' time with mediocre presentations.
Perform and be great, and leave a lasting impression!

Eustacia Cutler,

Writer and Humanitarian

Paul Kreiter has spotted the need for individual presentation mentorship; he knows performance technique and he knows how to help individuals develop it.  Those who come under his tutelage will be the lucky ones!

Jeffrey Tambor,

Award Winning Actor

Paul Kreiter has taught me how and where to place each ingredient, what to highlight, what, candidly, to throw away.  His knowledge of speaking and more important, storytelling, is perfect.  

David Sheff,

NYT's Best Selling Author

Paul Kreiter is a master speaking coach, who understands writers and helps us refine our message and communicate it with the utmost effectiveness.

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Paul D. Kreiter M.Ed. - Speaking Coach 

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