Educator, turned social worker, now talent agent and speaking coach.  Like most, Paul's journey has been unique and often unplanned.  Though the constant throughout has been his passion for creating, listening to, and telling stories.  Paul is empowered when he uses his voice and honored to help others find theirs. 

With over 20 year’s experience in the arts,  human services, and entertainment, Paul fully understands the power of stories.  And, he believes while we all have the rich ingredients to craft delectable stories most fail to effectively communicate their message. 

This is why Paul provides speaking coaching; if you have a story, he'll help you tell it!   Whether speaking to an intimate group, to an audience of thousands, or giving a virtual presentation, finding confidence and your authentic voice requires creativity, direction, and rehearsal.  Paul Kreiter will help you find your voice and deliver your message.

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Paul D. Kreiter M.Ed. - Speaking Coach 

617.564.0322 - kreiter.paul@gmail.com