A clear guidance to deliver  your message.

Intentional layering of a presentation.

A story served to the audience.

Ask any chef to create the perfect entree.  Every ingredient must be carefully chosen to complement and enhance every other. Every choice is deliberate and necessary in order to assemble the most memorable culinary experience; this is a chef's gift to the diner. 

The same philosophy should be applied to creating the perfect presentation or perfecting communications skills: each thought, every word and step must have an evident connection to the message.  The artful construction of presentation is a gift served to the audience.  This is what makes an Artisan Storyteller.

A presenter must do more than simply tell a story.  They have to craft memorable experiences for the audience.  From the opening line to the final anecdote, a speaker must intentionally plan, customize, and deliver their message for their listeners.  This is the essence of Artisan Storytelling!

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