Building Your Presentation

When preparing your presentation together, think of it as delicious, gooey, meaty, veggie, cheesy sandwich.  From the first bite to the last, each part of your message builds upon the next and ultimately culminates into a satisfying experience for the audience. 

The perfectly placed bun: the purposeful moment (anecdote, wowing fact) that sparks the rest of your presentation. 

The rich ingredients of your speech: intentionally layered content that complements your introduction and transitions to your conclusion. 

The final touch: the capstone moment that is both supportive of and concludes your message. 

watch "Building The Sandwich" In Action*

 Rich Ingredients: intentionally layered speech content. 

Perfectly Placed Bun: the powerful intro! 

The Final Touch: the capstone conclusion of your message.

* A special thanks to friend and client Mike Veny, and video production team Brandy Sales and Steve Rogers ("The Cap'"), for this footage.

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Paul D. Kreiter M.Ed.

Speaking Coach * Creative Services