Building Your Presentation

When preparing your presentation together, think of it as delicious, gooey, meaty, veggie, cheesy sandwich .  From the first bite to the last, each part of your message builds upon the next and ultimately culminates into a satisfying experience for the audience. 

The perfectly placed bun: the purposeful moment (anecdote, wowing fact) that sparks the rest of your presentation. 

The rich ingredients of your speech: intentionally layered content that complements your introduction and transitions to your conclusion. 

The final touch: the capstone moment that is both supportive of and concludes your message. 

 Rich Ingredients: intentionally layered speech content. 

Perfectly Placed Bun: the powerful intro! 

The Final Touch: the capstone conclusion of your message.

The "Sandwich" Philosophy In Action*

* A special thanks to friend and client Mike Veny, and video production team Brandy Sales and Steve Rogers ("The Cap'"), for this footage.

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