How Should You Prepare?

  • ​Send me your speaking materials and resume in digital format 24 hours prior to the first meeting.

  • Bring any complementary notes or resources pertinent to your speech/story

  • If applicable, bring a list of speaking engagements you already have coming up on your calendar

  • Have with you a way to take notes

  • If event is in person, please arrive 15 mins prior to the first meeting to account for driving complications. If virtual, please take 15 mins prior to the session to troubleshoot for connection and technology issues. 

  • Bring an open mind, and willingness to learn

What Happens At The First Meeting?

At the first meeting:

  • We'll take the first few minutes to get to know each other, and review your speaking goals and a plan to meet them. 

  • Then, if you have the presentation ready to go, we'll jump right in and start tackling your material:

    • Simply, you'll present, I'll take notes, and when you've concluded we'll discuss the sections of your presentation that worked well and the areas that could use improvement.; regarding the latter I'll provide you clear examples of and practical tools for how to improve. 

  • If you don't have any presentation for review, we'll start brainstorming to topics of interest, and begin to "Build The Sandwich" for one of these topics: outline a clear introduction, lay out the content points, and determine the best route to conclude.


After this first session, there is no obligation or pressure to continue working together should you feel that this is best.  The work we completed together is yours free of charge.

What Happens After The First Session?

Sessions go one-hour, where I'll create a strategy to address each aspect of your speaking needs.  Each session is sequential, building on the last until the perfect presentation is crafted and/or speaking skills is acquired: this process is what I refer to as "Building The Sandwich".  These sessions can be done in person or virtually by Zoom, Microsoft Teams, or similar means. 

What Is The Cost?

Fee per 1 to 1 Coaching session: $375.00.   Please note, there are various session packages to accommodate different budget levels.

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Paul D. Kreiter M.Ed.

Speaking Coach * Creative Services