The Top 5 Scariest Presentations You'll Ever Witness: #2


oSCAR'S millennial mAGIC?

No doubt the workplace, technology, and the entertainment industry are catering to the Millennial generation. Their generalized on-demand attitude is demanding a cultural acknowledgement, something the Oscars took notice of in 2011 when they tapped 20-something popular actors James Franco (127 Hours, for which he was nominated for Best Actor in 2011; Spiderman 1-3, Pineapple Express) and Anne Hathaway (The Princess Diaries 1-2, The Devil Wears Prada, Ella Enchanted) to host the 83rd Annual Academy Awards.

While their lifestyles are ushering in a cultural revolution, "Millennials" also come with some cultural baggage. In 2013 Time Magazine, a storytelling tour de force, captured this polarizing dynamic best:

But the Super Bowl of the storytelling world went all in on the magical Millennial hand. Was this a good play for Oscar? You be the judge:

It seemed not. Franco and Hathaway's “Millennial...what-ehverrr" approach took on a more awkward tone, hindered by poorly-timed back and forths and lame punchlines. This was not Hollywood magic in the slightest.


  • If you choose a theme for your presentation, be consistent and true to its essence. Inconsistency can come off as sloppy and bland.

  • Consider avoiding sensitive topics. For example, while lesbianism is not a sensitive subject matter, the “lesbian”bit, became sensitive when it was a too drawn out, taking cheeky to awkward.

  • If you’re going to tell anecdotes or jokes, make sure you’re timing is spot on—poor timing can ruin the joke or mood.

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