Paul Kreiter provides quality services and is confident he can help you, or the talent you work with, be a more confident and impactful speaker.

1 on 1 Sessions

One on one meetings and workshops customized for your needs and goals:

  • Craft memorable keynotes

  • Train for your TED/TEDx talk

  • Master the role of Master of Ceremonies

  • Tips to stand out on the panel

Professional speaking coach, Paul Kreiter, hosts webinars for interact group work

Training Webinars

Bring a friend, or two, to build your storytelling skills in these engaging webinars.

  • 1-1 coaching lessons tweaked for group work

  • Creative and efficient seminars

  • Real-time audience interaction and feedback

Virtual Preparation

Make an impact on virtual audiences:

  • Learn how to transfer all live presentation skills to a virtual environment

  • Discover the critical differences between live and virtual events

  • Tips on virtual technical logistics

Creative Direction

Find the ways to vastly improve your presentation​:

  • Freshen up your PowerPoints

  • Video Review: Timely feedback on pre-recorded material

  • Learn improvisation skills for creative flare

  • Understand and employ affective body movement, hand gestures, and tone.

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